Tim Sargent

Peckham Community Gambling

My project imagines a number of community gambling games that are inspired by the London district of Peckham.

Siren Song is a gambling machine that invites people to bet on the chances of a siren being heard by Peckham shopkeepers, who are enlisted to report sirens by telephoning the machine.

Chrysalis Date is one of a series of games invented by amateur butterfly breeders, based on the local Camberwell beauty butterfly (Aglais antiopa.) Caterpillars are raced through two towers modeled on Desmond’s, an influential 1980s sitcom, and the historic well that Camberwell takes its name from. Butterfly chrysalides are positioned in the top of the towers and gamblers place bets on which will hatch first.

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Siren Song Siren Song
Peckahm Community Gambling flag. Peckahm Community Gambling flag.
High achievement board for Beauty Races. High achievement board for Beauty Races.
Hanging chrysalis. Hanging chrysalis.
Detail shot of Beauty Races Detail shot of Beauty Races